"15 July 1922, the day of the first Eifel round trip for cars and motorbikes starting in Nideggen."

 From an idea that began in 2016 with a visit to the Rhine-Erft Rally in Nideggen and a drive over the Eifel circuit - organised by the Oldtimerfreunde Grevenbroich, a concrete idea finally emerged to drive the former circuit with pre-war vehicles.

We would be delighted if we could drive and experience the former Eifel circuit together with you and your vehicles on 16 July 2023. The Eifelrundfahrt1922 is an invitational event of pre-war vehicles with a drive (approx. 125km) -including over the former race track (33km, 86 bends and a difference in altitude of 265m), which is to be completed on the basis of a recommended route.

Planned programme*:

Saturday 15 July 2023 (Optional)
18.30 - "Welcome Evening

 Sunday 16 July 2023

08:45 - Arrival of participants, handing out of documents at the Eifel-Classic-Center
10.00 - Drivers' meeting on the market square
10.30 - Presentation of the vehicles and start of the Eifelrundfahrt1922 (approx. 90 km)
12.30-14.00 - Lunch break
14.00 - Start (former race track 33km)
15.15 - Finish, vehicles lined up in the city centre
16.00 - End of the event in the paddock

 * (subject to change)

Are you travelling to the event on Saturday, 15 July 2023?

Experience some wonderful hours in the old town of Nideggen with like-minded people.
The "Welcome Evening" begins with a welcome drink in the "Old Paddock".
Afterwards, you will enjoy dinner there in a relaxed atmosphere.

Conditions of participation

1. conditions of participation
The Eifelrundfahrt1922 commemorates the historic races with a gathering of pre-war vehicles,
which took place on the former Eifel circuit around Nideggen from 1922 to 1926.
Together with an Eifel country party and the Wilkomm evening on Saturday, the driving fun will not be neglected with an excursion on Sunday morning and driving on the former race track on Sunday afternoon.
The 5th Eifelrundfahrt 1922 is an invitation-only event.
The decision on participation will be made according to vehicle history criteria and is up to the organisers. The vehicles must essentially be in original condition. Confirmation of participation will be made in writing by the race management and is only effective upon receipt of the entry fee.
The organiser reserves the right to refuse the participation of replicas and historically incorrect vehicles. The event is open to two to four-wheeled motor vehicles built up to 1939. Exceptions are possible in individual cases. Only properly registered and insured vehicles will be accepted, as well as vehicles with red 07 registration plates.  In order to achieve an authentic overall appearance, the race management assumes that the participants will appear in period clothing (racing suits, jerseys, boots and overalls) as they were worn before the Second World War.

The closing date for entries is 30 May 2023 or when the maximum number of participants has been reached.

 2nd entry fee - Sunday, 16 July 2023
    Automobile with one person 65,00€
    Automobile incl. 2 persons 125,00€
    Motorbike with one person 55,00€
    Each additional person 45,00€
    No entry fee is payable for children under 12 years of age as additional co-drivers.

The entry fee includes the following services:

    Lunch incl. 1 drink
    Start number
    Route description

3rd Willkom Evening - Saturday, 15 July 2022
Optionally we offer for Saturday evening (July 15th) a "Willkom" evening in the city centre of Nideggen - for the already arrived participants:

    Welcome evening
    Welcome drink, dinner - three course menu (drinks excluded) 50,00€ per person.

Sleeping place for your darling
So that you can sleep peacefully, we offer you the opportunity to store your vehicles in a secure hall from 15-16 July 2023. Max. 18 cars possible. Places will be allocated according to the number of applications received.

4th application
Applications must be sent to the organiser using the application form.
The form is now available online on our homepage www.eifelrundfahrt1922.de.
The entry fee is to be transferred within 14 days after receipt of the entry confirmation (sent by the race management).

The final confirmation of participation is only valid after the entry fee has been paid into the account provided. Only valid and paid entry confirmations entitle the participant to take part. Applications can be rejected without giving reasons. The entry fee is a regret fee and will only be refunded if the event is cancelled. The closing date for entries to the 5th Eifelrundfahrt1922 will be when the starting places have been fully allocated and will be announced on the homepage of the Eifelrundfahrt1922.

5th exclusion of liability
The organiser declines all liability towards the participants for personal injury, damage to property and financial losses. By submitting their entry form, the participants waive any right of action or recourse against the organiser, his representatives or helpers, as well as against drivers or co-drivers of third vehicles participating in the event, against authorities or any other persons connected with the organisation of the event for themselves and their relatives for any accident or damage suffered in connection with the event. Furthermore, the participants waive the right to legal action for themselves and their relatives. Participants take part in this competition at their own risk and bear civil and criminal responsibility for any damage caused by them or their vehicles. An organiser's liability insurance has been taken out.

6th red 07 number plates
An insurance certificate for the red 07 number of the registered vehicle must be submitted with the registration.

7th photos/DGSVO
The pictures taken by the organiser in the course of the 5th Eifelrundfahrt1922 may be used by the organiser without any restrictions. For the organisational preparation of the event as well as for the evaluation of the ride, a storage of the participants' data is necessary. With the registration, the storage for these purposes is agreed.

8th Organiser:
MSC Burgring Nideggen Eifel Classic e.V. im DMV

9th  entry office and information:
Georg Becker

Information about the current event can be found at: www.eifelrundfahrt1922.de.

We wish you much anticipation for the
5th Tour of the Eifel1922